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ALTO Alliance LPRC Offender Interview Study


Executive Summary


The Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) conducted a series of in-person offender interviews in Los Angeles, CA and Gainesville, FL to provide offender-based insights into the impact the Alliance strategy has in deterring recidivist offenders from committing retail theft. The purpose of this study was to take a preliminary look at the application and effectiveness of the Alliance program for both homeless and non-homeless shoplifters regardless of geographic area.

Alliance Overview

Alto Alliance is an innovative approach to combating retail theft—it connects retailers with law enforcement and prosecution to break the cycle of retail theft. The program combines comprehensive analytics, intelligent prosecution, and deterrent marketing to make an impact on would-be offenders’ decision from stealing from a participating retail store.

Analytics: The program provides a technology platform that combines company information with industry-wide data to provide real-time reporting. Combining input from multiple retailers and industry crime resources creates a source of actionable intelligence for both retailers and law enforcement.

Marketing: Throughout the process from apprehension to prosecution to post-conviction, offenders are exposed to the deterrence experience with an awareness campaign such as store signage and offender letters to alter their decisions to return to retailers’ stores where the Alliance program is in place.

Prosecution: The program uses cloud-based storage of relevant case details and supporting evidence that is accessible by participating law enforcement and officials from the judicial system to bridge the gap between retailers and law enforcement.

Offender Background

  • 89% admitted they shoplifted daily or weekly
  • 86% were homeless or previously homeless
  • 66% indicated they stole to support their drug habit or addiction
  • 28% indicated they were currently, or previously, part of an ORC group
  • 41% admitted they had been prosecuted for crimes other than shoplifting (murder, assault, burglary, etc….)
  • 28% admitted to using force or threats of force to steal
  • 89% admitted they shoplifted daily or weekly

Ground Breaking LPRC Research

“It’s important to acknowledge that this group of offenders has been among the most fearless and reckless the LPRC has interviewed” Stephanie Lin, LPRC Research Analyst


Offender Feedback on ALTO Alliance

  • 69% of the offenders indicated the ALTO Alliance solution would impact their decision to steal from a retailer that belonged to the Alliance
  • 62% of offenders indicated that the possibility of additional criminal charges would deter them from shoplifting from stores protected by ALTO Alliance
  • 38% of the offenders interviewed indicated that intelligence sharing between law enforcement and retailers through the ALTO Alliance program would deter them from shoplifting
  • 70% of the offenders indicated they would tell their friends about ALTO Alliance

Offender Quotes

“The program made me think twice about shoplifting”

“The program is on point, the items that I shoplifted aren’t worth the of getting caught and prosecuted”

“I feel targeted and I will pay the price of the offenses I have committed”


The ALTO Alliance solution is an innovative, three-pronged approach to addressing the growing problem of retail theft.

  • The offenders in the LPRC study ranged from “semi-frequent” shoplifters to “hard-core” criminals.
  • The marketing deterrent element of the ALTO Alliance program had the greatest impact on semi-frequent offenders.
  • To address the hard-core offenders, the study reinforced the need for a strong, consistent alliance between retailers, law enforcement, & prosecutors that facilitated the real-time exchange of intelligence and evidence for analytics and prosecution.

The LPRC study highlighted the need for a multi-tiered approach to address the growing and complex problem of shoplifting and ORC. The three components of the ALTO Alliance solution; Comprehensive Analytics, Deterrent Marketing, & Intelligent Prosecution provide a strategic approach to impact a diverse offender base.



ALTO is a technology-based solutions provider who has developed a unique risk management collaboration program, ALTO Alliance℠ which combines innovative analytics technology, deterrence marketing, and intelligent prosecution to create safer retail environments and communities. To find out more about ALTO’s retail and supply-chain solutions, visit


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