About ALTO
We believe attention to little details makes a big difference in building a better environment for your customers and associates.

It's all about preventing crime from occurring in the first place

It started with a single store in Patagonia back in 2003. The problem: constant theft  on a weekly basis by the same people at one of Chile’s biggest retail stores. How could that happen? “If they get caught, they’re free tomorrow”, was the usual answer. Something needed to be done. Using state of the art technology to reduce losses and pursue criminal prosecution when needed, we were able to significantly diminish shrink as well as improve the morale of store personnel.
Collaboration is a key concept in our business.  We not only partner with the businesses we serve but the communities as well. That’s what makes the ALTO approach unique. We believe that crime is everybody’s problem, and we should all work together to improve the cities in which we live and work. That means the private and public sector working together in a joint effort to fight crime. ALTO makes sure this collaboration takes place effectively. It started in 1 store; 13 years later, we now support almost 7,000 stores in more than 100 cities in Latin America, Europe and now the United States. That’s almost 7,000 environments made more secure Contact us to learn more how the ALTO approach can help your company.


Our Story

1 store
1 city
1 country

The pilot program in a single store reduced crime by 23% in the first year.

55 stores
1 cities
1 country

ALTO expands its business in the retail industry, working with several supermarkets, department stores, pharmacies, etc.

158 stores
4 cities
1 country

ALTO expands its business to the health industry.

374 stores
9 cities
2 countries

ALTO arrives in Colombia, partnering with six stores within the year.

445 stores
10 cities
2 countries

ALTO receives a Great Place to Work award in Chile, where they now work with 445 stores.

733 stores
16 cities
2 countries
1,134 stores
27 cities
2 countries

ALTO debuts Geo Research, using geo-technology and territorial data analysis to prevent crimes.

2,157 stores
44 cities
2012 3 countries

ALTO arrives in Mexico, working with 524 stores through an alliance with Walmart.

2,412 stores
60 cities
3 countries

Chile now has 1,203 stores working with ALTO. Mexico has 533 stores, and Colombia has 676 stores. ALTO has reduced in-stores robberies by more than 75% in the last 3 years.

4,050 stores
70 cities
4 countries

ALTO begins researching the market in Spain, preparing for their espansion into Europe.

5,824 stores
103 cities
4 countries

ALTO begins their research on markets in the United States. At the same time they close a deal with Caprabo, leading supermarkets in Spain to start a pilot program in Barcelona.

6,822 stores
110 cities
5 countries

ALTO opens its first office in Miami, officially beginning their operations in the United States.