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ALTO is Attending the ISCPO Conference Sept 12-13 in Dallas, Texas – a Don’t Miss Event!


ALTO is a proud supporter of the 2017 ISCPO Conference with ALTO’s Maurizio Scrofani serving on the ISCPO Board of Directors and attending this year’s annual conference September 12-13 in Dallas, Texas. The International Supply Chain Protection Organization (ISCPO) brings together loss prevention, security, and protection professionals working in the global supply chain for a two-day jam packed event. Attendees will hear from industry veterans and get the latest trends in supply chain security, industry theft, global trends, and investigation. There will be a wide range of speakers from both private sector and public law enforcement who’ll discuss issues currently affecting the global supply chain.

This year’s conference will take a deep dive into innovation and the changing landscape of LP and supply chain security. The industry is abuzz with retail’s challenges and the significant impact on the global supply chain. Global threats, cybersecurity, and omnichannel distribution are also disrupting and transforming our industry.  In today’s world, securing and protecting a company’s brand, people, and goods and services has never been more crucial to survival. The lines are blurred and LP professionals have the opportunity to lead and be accountable for this integral function within their organization.

ISCPO speakers will share how their companies are adapting and innovating, sharing how to formalize LP strategies, implement cost-saving programs and drive change and get C-level buy-in.

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