About Our Founder
The ALTO Culture Drives Innovation

For over a decade, Jorge Nazer has built Grupo ALTO into an entrepreneurial company operating in Latin America, Europe, and now the US that has developed innovative, technology-based programs to help retailers and other businesses of all sizes eliminate loss due to shoplifting, internal fraud, criminal gangs, supply-chain incidents, and a host of other types of risks.

Jorge Nazer,
Chairman and Founder,
Grupo ALTO and ALTO US

Developing a different approach to solving retail crime and supply-chain risks requires a company with a different vision.  A company that looks beyond the accepted and the expected, to find solutions that fulfill ALTO’s mission to improve retailers’ and shippers’ bottom line at the same time improving the communities who benefit from reduced crime. Jorge believes the company’s success is built on four principles that define the ALTO culture.


   Don’t Be Afraid to Think Big

As an entrepreneurial company, it’s essential to not limit one’s vision—not in size, not in scope, and not in ambition. Retail crime and supply-chain risks are big problems that require big solutions to make a big difference. ALTO executives work with their clients to think well outside the four walls of the retail box to better connect retailers with law enforcement and the judicial system, and implement a unique strategy of communicating with offenders to stop recidivism.

    Put People and Community First

As ALTO built their company, they not only wanted to be a solution provider whose clients put their trust in them; they wanted to create a work environment that puts employees first who could flourish knowing that everyone in the company was an entrepreneur and contributor to the success of their clients, which translates to benefiting the community. This focus on putting employees at the forefront of innovation and growth has fueled the company’s ability to replicate solutions in different industries and deploy in large scale in multiple countries.

   Embrace Innovation and Unique Strategies

In order to succeed, individuals and companies have to shake the fear of stepping outside of what is considered safe and learn to embrace the self-destructive nature of your idea. That is the only way to truly innovate. Big ideas cannot be accomplished without innovative thinking that translates into unique solutions and state-of-the-art technology. The big-thinking, people-first culture within ALTO not only makes the company an amazing place to work, but also has produced a technology platform and business strategy that has succeed across cultures and across borders.

   Improve Community Relations and Impact Society

While it might sound grandiose, companies must strive to make an impact that is broader than just the company and its clients but should aim to impact society as a whole. The solutions that ALTO offer their clients goes well beyond an improvement to retailers’ and shippers’ bottom lines and their relationships with law enforcement. By positively impacting retail theft and supply-chain risks, everyone reaps the benefits of crime reduction—from associates to customers to the communities served by retailers, including interrupting criminal activity before the individual becomes a career criminal.

About Jorge Nazer

Attorney as a profession, Jorge studied at the Wharton Business School and founded ALTO in 2005 in Puerto Varas (Patagonia, Chile) while he was serving as the city’s Head of Legal Department. ALTO’s initial focus was to reduce crime in small cities, attacking robberies and shoplifting. In 2010, after working in the Manhattan Institute in New York, Jorge served as Vice Minister of Homeland Security of Chile, where he applied his recidivist crime reduction model from a public perspective, achieving excellent results. Jorge is Co-Founder of the Chilean Entrepreneur Association (ASECH), and the Latin America Entrepreneur Association (ASELA), that connects more than 50,000 member entrepreneurs. Nazer has been recognized with various awards in the entrepreneurship world, among them the 2014 Year Entrepreneur (Ernst & Young & El Mercurio) and the 2014 Chile’s Entrepreneurship Award, Avonni. He has been interviewed by several publications about public safety matters and has spoken on the topic in various seminars in Chile, Colombia and Mexico. In 2014 he was elected as Director of the Endeavor Network. Throughout the years, Jorge has turned ALTO into a multi-national company, now growing exponentially with more than 100 clients in Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Chile, and the United States. ALTO has recently rebranded as Grupo ALTO (ALTO Group), a holding company that owns several companies which work together for the same goal: working with their clients and law enforcement to reduce recidivist crime in the communities they serve