A Unique End to End Solution for Managing Global Supply Chain Risk

In today’s global manufacturing environment where retail merchandise often moves from continent to continent before appearing on store shelves, the risk of loss or delays due to cargo theft, weather, work stoppage, and even paperwork errors requires an innovative and comprehensive supply-chain risk management solution to manage successfully. That solution is ALTO Assurance℠—a unique manufacturer-to-store verification, tracking, and auditing system available to shippers and logistics partners today.

Intelligence-Based Technology Tools Starting at the point of manufacture, whether your products are apparel, electronics, or pharmaceuticals, ALTO Assurance℠ offers asset protection and risk management professionals visibility and compliance each step of the transit to your stores. Using a combination of third-party and load assessment, route review, review via GPS and EDI tracking, and a robust audit library, supply-chain and logistics managers have all the information needed to ensure controls are in place throughout the process. This innovative approach focuses on managing a multitude of risk factors that reduces costs associated with delays, theft, and other preventable incidents—results that add to retailers’ bottom line from both expense reduction and enhanced operational efficiency.

Welcome Center Services
Starting at the transportation yard entrance with tools for managing incoming and outgoing shipments as well as a full complement of yard administration tools.

Load Assessment
Analyzing a variety of factors with a focus on the type of products and destination producing a risk level within a pre-defined range.

Carrier and Driver Assessment
Transportation system enrollment analyzing multiple variables that ensure carriers meet all necessary physical and legal requirements.

Facilities Support
Using video and data capture techniques as shipments are loaded and unloaded to build an audit library of information available to mitigate claims.

Lane Risk Management
Intelligent data integration for route planning and tracking during transit using GPS and EDI-based communications give all stakeholders visibility to planned and actual locations along with real-time, pre-determined alarm events.

Business Intelligence Center
Providing a comprehensive view of all data gathered within the ecosystem via our exclusive data analysis and reporting system to simplify management strategic, tactical, and operational decisions.

Event Manager and Follow Up
An innovative, real-time incident management system using client-tailored alert protocols and link analysis to provide full details of any event for investigative and legal resolution.

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Hear from ALTO Assurance’s Chief Supply Chain Security Officer, Maurizio Scrofani, as he discusses the ALTO Assurance solution at the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) 2018 Asset Protection Conference: 


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