We bridge the gap between retail and law enforcement for positive impact on the bottom line and on the community.

The ALTO Triangle℠ encompasses their unique strategy. The core of the ALTO strategy is built upon combining three key components —comprehensive analytics, intelligent prosecution, and deterrent marketing.

ALTO’s unique and innovative programs help major retailers reduce theft-related loss across their enterprise. Alto also helps boost Loss Prevention team performance and effectiveness in confronting the vexing realities of theft. The powerful Alto Triangle℠ combines comprehensive industry-wide analytics, intelligent and vigorous prosecution, and credible deterrent marketing. Together these make a lasting impact on would-be offenders’ decisions. Alto’s programs help bridge the gap between retail and law enforcement, creating an effective and productive partnership. This in turn improves the retail environment and serves society as a whole.


The ALTO Triangle

ALTO has developed a technology platform that combines company information with industry-wide data to provide real-time, innovative reporting with store-level to enterprise-wide visibility. Combining input from multiple retailers and industry crime resources using strict confidentiality protocols creates a powerful, new source of actionable intelligence for both retailers, shippers, and law enforcement that is especially important to identifying organized retail crime and previously undetected offense patterns.


Perhaps the most unusual and innovative aspect of the ALTO solution is their communication to offenders. Throughout the process from apprehension to prosecution to post-conviction, offenders are exposed to the “ALTO Deterrence Experience” with a multifaceted awareness campaign that includes signage inside and outside store and distribution centers as well as direct messaging to offenders and their criminal network to alter their decisions to return to retailers’ stores and shipping facilities where ALTO programs are in place. Internal employee communications and public media initiatives publicize success stories focused on the retailer and law enforcement partnership in reducing community crime to improve the retail brand.


Alto bridges the gap between retail and law enforcement to create a powerful, efficient and worthwhile channel for theft prosecution. Apprehending offenders is often the last step controlled by retailers before law enforcement and the judicial process begins. The ALTO solution goes further by using secured cloud-based storage of all relevant case details and supporting evidence including robust photo and video capabilities that is accessible by participating law enforcement and prosecution officials to reduce loss prevention labor hours while bridging the gap between the retailer and law enforcement. Dedicated ALTO legal support essentially package a “case in a box” to ensure a single point of contact that follows the offender from start to finish reducing dropped cases and optimizing a favorable judicial result.


With nearly seven out of ten shoplifters being repeat offenders, ALTO Alliance℠ provides retailers with a store-focused, innovative solution that encompasses all three components of the ALTO Triangle.

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In today’s global manufacturing environment where retail merchandise often moves from continent to continent before appearing on store shelves, the risk of loss or delays due to cargo theft, weather, work stoppage, and even paperwork errors requires an innovative and comprehensive supply-chain risk management solution to manage successfully. That solution is ALTO Assurance℠—a unique manufacturer-to-store verification, tracking, and auditing system available to shippers and logistics partners today.

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