An Innovative New Approach to Retail Theft

With nearly seven out of ten shoplifters being repeat offenders, ALTO Alliance℠ provides retailers with a store-focused, innovative solution that encompasses all three components of the ALTO Triangle.

Introducing ALTO Alliance℠—an innovative new approach that combines a proven strategy with technology-based tools that proactively connect retailers with law enforcement and prosecution to break the cycle of retail theft.

Starting with the apprehension of an offender, ALTO Alliance℠ offers loss prevention and asset protection professionals a technology platform with comprehensive analytics from industry-wide resources for gathering data to ensure timely, successful prosecution. But the ALTO solution doesn’t stop there. A program of branded deterrent marketing ensures that offenders learn that retailers using the ALTO program are stores that must be avoided. The result—retailers have fewer incidents resulting in lower shrink, improved LP productivity, a safer store environment, increased sales from better product availability, and better community relations that enhance the retail brand.

ALTO Alliance Brings Proven Success
Major retailers in four countries with over 7,000 locations have proven the ALTO Alliance℠ solution reduces offender recidivism, lowers retail shrink with a positive return on investment, improves associate productivity and morale, enhances store safety and customer service, while partnering with law enforcement to lower the community crime rate.

Learn how ALTO Alliance can reduce shrink, deter criminal activity, and improve your customers shopping experience by watching this short 2 minute video:

Hear Karl Langhorst explain the benefits of ALTO Alliance as he details this innovative new approach to the community problem of retail theft:

Karl speaks with Joe Larocca of the LPNN, LP News Network, at the NRF Big Show 2018

Karl speaks with Gus Downing of the LPNN, LP News Network, at the NRF Big Show 2018