How We Help

ALTO forges key partnerships to tackle retail business disruptions, address community problems, and create safer stores

We help you fight your everyday battles

Retailers face a number of daily issues that impact the safety of their store, customers, and community members. Addressing these issues requires innovative solutions and strong community partnerships.

ALTO forms partnerships between:


Law Enforcement


Government Officials

Nonprofit Community Organizations

Where we help

Learn more about how our field teams support our retail partners.

In the

We assist your staff with more effective incident reporting and act as a resource to your asset protection and loss prevention teams.

In the

We collaborate with law enforcement, local organizations, and other community partners to mitigate safety issues.

In the

We ensure legal follow-up on critical retail crime and theft incidents and advocate on behalf of retailers in the legal process.

What sets ALTO apart is the on-the-ground support and expertise from their team members. They bring people together to problem-solve and create real change.

- Store leader, international retail chain

We get you results

Trust between retailers, law enforcement, and local community members is renewed and strengthened

Customers have a better shopping experience

Employee morale is improved and in-store staff feels supported and safe

Nuisance and social disorder issues are effectively managed

Recidivism is measurably reduced

ALTO partnerships are currently in 22 states, 40+ metro areas, and 3,000 retail stores across the country…

And we’re growing. Become part of the alliance of businesses creating safer stores and communities today.