An Alliance that Protects Retailers and Empowers Communities

Powered by technology, ALTO is your partner in reducing crime, risks, and other business disruptions.

Our Approach

ALTO works with retailers, law enforcement, prosecutors, nonprofit organizations, and government officials to forge strong relationships and effect real change—in stores, communities, and courtrooms across the country.

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Our tech-enabled, on-site teams provide support by listening to store concerns, building trust and relationships, and providing client-approved resources, training, and incident-reporting technology to store employees and managers.


Our teams cultivate relationships between retailers, local law enforcement, and community leaders to form partnerships, foster communication and mutual respect, and develop strategies to address the societal factors of retail crime.


Our strategists and legal teams advocate for retailers, sharing information and fueling accountability between stores, easing the burden of court appearances on in-store staff, and ensuring retailers’ voices are heard throughout the legal process.


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