An innovative approach to
impacting the community
problem of retail theft.

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97.1% of offenders
do not return
to our clients’ stores.

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Up to a 42%
reduction in
supply chain losses.

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More than 7,000 stores
in 5 countries
count on us.

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A unique end-to-end solution
for managing global supply chain risk.

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ALTO is a comprehensive collaboration program that combines technology, marketing and intelligent prosecution, bridging the gap between retail and law enforcement to create safer environments.

“ALTO provides strategic information to disband criminal gangs”

Victor Hugo Ramos · Chief of General Public Security Secretary Ciudad de México »

“Stores using ALTO’s monitoring system have seen a 42% decrease in cargo theft”

Maritza Benavente · Asset Protection Manager Walmart Chile »

“We have managed to get people to understand that where you see the ALTO logo, you cannot go in and steal”

Fernando Estupiñan · Loss Prevention Officer Zara Colombia »

“The key in the design of ALTO’s comprehensive system has been to ensure it is built with, for, and by the industry”

William Morales · Detective, Miami-Dade Police (Retired), Willie Morales Consulting »

“ALTO allows retailers and shippers to better package crime investigations with huge benefit to law enforcement and prosecutors”

Bill Williams · Captain, Los Angeles Police Department »

“Live in NYC” at the NRF Big Show 2018

Proven Solutions,
Providing Local Impact with Global Reach.
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ALTO Alliance LPRC Offender Interview Study

  Executive Summary Introduction The Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) conducted a series of in-person offender interviews in Los Angeles, CA and Gainesville, FL to provide offender-based insights into the impact the Alliance strategy has in deterring recidivist offenders... More »