In the Store

ALTO provides retail partners with technology-enabled, on-site support and resources

Our impact at the store level

Our in-the-field customer success specialists operate as an extension of your asset protection team and support your in-store staff, regularly visiting our retail partners to follow up on critical incidents and develop action plans to address public safety and security challenges.

How we support your retail team

Act as an extension of your AP team, listen to store concerns, and support in-store staff

Offer client-approved on-site training, support, and resources for store associates and managers

Use technology to data from in-store incident reports to identify patterns and gather the necessary evidence to build a robust retail crime case.

Collaborate with law enforcement on public safety issues

Build collaborative relationships with community partners to develop solutions

See our in-store branding

Our signage is a signal of strong community partnership. By posting it 0n stores’ exterior door windows, our retail partners show they are a part of ALTO’s alliance of retailers.