In the Courtroom

ALTO advocates for retailers in the fight against retail crime, ensuring their voices are heard by investigators and prosecutors alike

Advocating for retailers throughout the legal process

ALTO’s local staff attorneys create lasting change by facilitating communication between retailers, sharing information on repeat offenders, and providing legal follow up on commonly underreported retail incidents.

What our staff attorneys do

Advocate on behalf of retail clients in court, ensuring repeat offenders are held accountable for their actions, and providing thoughtful and thorough victim impact statements for sentencing

Collaborate with prosecution and law enforcement by gathering evidence, testimony, witness statements, and data to help build successful cases

Ease the burden of court appearances by representing victims and witnesses of retail crime in court

Speak with policymakers to make sure retailers’ voices are heard when crime and justice reform are on the docket

Build relationships with prosecutors to highlight the impact of retail crime in their community and push for appropriate legal action to be taken, especially for repeat offenses

See some of our public safety wins

ALTO Wins: A Staff Attorney’s Perspective

ALTO Wins: A Staff Attorney’s Perspective

At ALTO, we take pride in celebrating every win that stems from the dedicated work of our teams across the United States. Cases will often take extended periods of time, ranging from months to even years before arriving at a resolution, with our on-site and legal...

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