ALTO Alliance In The Store

We collaborate with our clients' asset protection and in-store teams, offering resources and support to ensure forward progress in the store.

Providing a seamless app for prompt, complete incident reports

Providing a seamless app for prompt, complete incident reports. Our on-the-ground team trains client personnel to ensure that the highest quality data is provided to our legal team and partners to make the greatest impact.

On-Site Support from ALTO Customer Success Specialists

The Customer Success Specialist (CSS) works closely with the retail team to create a safe customer experience. They also work closely with law enforcement to reduce theft and safety issues. The CSS is the most visible part of the ALTO Alliance solution. This position is about more than just working in the stores, it requires someone who can report on what is happening in the field, gather information for ALTO Staff Attorneys, and create connections between critical incidents.

ALTO Attorneys Act as an Extension of the Client Team

The ALTO Alliance Staff Attorney is responsible for researching and developing legal solutions for ALTO’s clients’ crime and public safety problems. The ALTO Alliance Staff Attorney is also responsible for managing clients’ criminal investigations and cases in the referenced state.

360-Degree Visibility with Store Data for Faster Decisions and Action

  • ALTO Alliance data gathering surfaces critical information in real-time to dashboards and reports
    Executives and managers can see the up-to-date status of projects and key indicators
  • ALTO’s in-field customer success specialists serve as “eyes and ears” for management to track compliance, training, or other important data-gathering
  • The client relationship with ALTO is multi-level, with frequent collaboration at the corporate, regional, and local level to share information and processes
  • ALTO’s local attorneys consult with stores and work with local prosecutors to ensure that our clients’ interests are properly represented and risks mitigated