Public Safety Success Stories: Read ALTO’s Recent Public Safety Wins
May 25, 2023
Miranda Reyes
ALTO’s first priority is safety for retail partners and consumers. Success stories are what drive ALTO towards wider outreach and more wins. Here are two recent stories where ALTO partnered with community outreach and law enforcement to mitigate crime hotspots and unhoused encampments to ensure safety for retailers, employees and consumers alike.

Abandoned store building boarded up and fenced by the city to mitigate violence

Saint Louis, MO – An abandoned store building was attracting violent activity outside one of ALTO’s partner stores, making employees and customers feel unsafe. ALTO coordinated with the city of St. Louis to board up the building and install a fence. SLMPD also posted a mobile camera unit in the parking lot across from the store building. By putting pressure on the property owners, they took the necessary steps to safeguard the property.