ALTO Hosts Second Annual Alliance Meeting in New York City
May 22, 2024
Miranda Reyes

ALTO, in collaboration with the NYPD, held its second annual Alliance meeting on May 15, 2024 in Manhattan. The event aimed to boost awareness and foster collaborative efforts regarding retail safety, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to enhancing safety measures in NYC and nationwide.

The gathering brought together ALTO corporate and operations leadership, key leaders from the Mayor’s office and the District Attorney’s Office of New York (DANY), and representatives from ALTO retail partners. The meeting’s expert panel featured Steven Board, Director of Special Projects and Deputy Mayor’s Office of Public Safety; Sgt. Joel Paulino from the Crime Prevention Division, Community Affairs Bureau, NYPD; Sgt. Matt Doherty and Detective Vincent Catalano from the Organized Theft Task Force, Detective Bureau, NYPD; and ADA Eric Strazza, Community Engagement Coordinator from the Community Partnerships Unit, DANY.

During presentations and roundtable discussions, panelists and retail & community attendees discussed innovative strategies to combat retail crime, emphasizing the importance of coordination, aligning efforts, and streamlining processes such as law enforcement response, incident reporting and evidence delivery.

A major topic was the importance of timely and thorough incident reports and police reports. Representatives from the Mayor’s office and DANY highlighted a new security camera system that is projected to streamline evidence collection and improve police response times. Spearheaded by NYC Mayor Eric Adams, this initiative has already shown promise in Queens and aims to install over 15,000 cameras next year.

Discussions included leveraging diversion programs to provide offenders with necessary and appropriate help, reflecting ALTO’s commitment to not just legal accountability but also community welfare. Attendees shared best practices and success stories, further solidifying ALTO’s role as a resourceful ally in combating retail crime and the crucial last mile of asset protection strategies.

“Together, we are stronger, and today’s meeting is a testament to the power of collaboration,” remarks Cristian Lopez, ALTO CEO. “With shared goals and united efforts, we are paving the way towards a safer, more secure New York. Let’s continue to stand together against the challenges of retail crime.”

As ALTO continues to expand its national footprint and collaborate with retailers across the country, events such as this play a vital role in uniting stakeholders under a common goal: creating safer communities together.

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