The Hall Awards: Outstanding Webinar
August 10, 2021
Constanza Trebilcock
Outstanding Webinar: ALTO Alliance’s COVID-19 Lessons from Spain The Loss Prevention Hall of Honor (“The Hall”) is an initiative from LP Magazine to celebrate, honor, and reward the leaders, innovators, trend-setters, and professionals who have made a difference in retail loss prevention. ALTO was honored to win the Outstanding Webinar category for our “COVID-19 Lessons from Spain” presentation. As a global company, we pride ourselves on being able to bring best practices from different regions to help our clients prepare for and react to new situations. In March 2020, our Spanish clients were experiencing unprecedented challenges. While the pandemic had yet to reach the same levels in the USA, Spain was only 3 weeks ahead in terms of infection, and their experience provided unique foresight for North American retailers.

Nominations for ALTO’s COVID-19 Webinar:

“At the very onset of the pandemic and systemic shutdowns across the globe, Alto Alliance, in partnership with LPM, hosted an important webinar titled COVID-19 Lessons from Spain. Spain then had one of the highest infection rates in the world that started several weeks before North America, the lessons learned from Spain discussed in this webinar would help all retailers prepare for the next several weeks and months to come.” “As of the webinar broadcast, Spain had the fourth-largest number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 behind China, Italy, and Iran. With the impact to Spanish retailers starting several weeks prior to what we were then currently facing here in the US, their response would provide North American asset protection and operations professionals valuable insights into how the pandemic has affected their stores and customers.” “This webinar featured a discussion with ALTO Country Manager Todd Hooper speaking from Madrid, Spain, offering a first-hand account of how the response has unfolded in Spain, along with some suggestions for improving the US response in the days and weeks ahead. Talking points for this discussion included:  Store closings and operational changes, Grocery store operations, Supply chain challenges and disruptions, Crowd control, Priorities and decision-making, Internal and external theft concerns, Social distancing challenges, community and personal impact of shutdowns and government restrictions on persons traveling – nationally, internationally and locally within their own neighborhoods.  The attendance for this webinar was tremendous and the insights and lessons learned were invaluable to many at a time when there were no answers, only questions.”

Source: The Hall

About the Outstanding Webinar Award:

Webinars are intended to be informative, insightful, educational, useful, professional, and maybe even a little fun. They should draw attention to a topic in a way that is meaningful, well-illustrated, and well-communicated, sending an important message while adding value to the audience, the industry, and/or the community in general. To be eligible for nomination, the Outstanding Webinar of the Year must have taken place during the calendar year of nomination. Webinars must be nominated by someone other than those that hosted or took part in the presentation and must be submitted by those with first-hand knowledge of the presentation.

Source: The Hall

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