The Hall Awards: Solution Provider Partner
August 10, 2021
Constanza Trebilcock

Outstanding Solution Provider Partner: ALTO Alliance

The Loss Prevention Hall of Honor (“The Hall”) is an initiative from LP Magazine to celebrate, honor, and reward the leaders, innovators, trend-setters, and professionals who have made a difference in retail loss prevention. ALTO was honored to win the Outstanding Solution Provider Partner award. At ALTO, we view our engagement with clients as a partnership, and we are thankful for the support from the LP community.

Nominations for ALTO Alliance from Our Clients:

“2020 has been an unprecedented year for all of us and I am so grateful we had the partnership with the ALTO Alliance team. Right in the beginning of the pandemic, they hosted a conference call with retailers from Europe that shared best practices for us 30-days ahead of time that was critical for keeping me and senior leadership appraised of what could be coming to the US.  It provided me with critical insight and what to expect. They also provided proactive intelligence during the social unrest and partnerships with law enforcement, District Attorney’s, and other community support systems. ALTO was an important part of keeping me and my team updated with information and support that they needed when other resources and my team were stretched thin. Very grateful that we had this partnership that helped support our teams during 2020.” “ALTO has done an excellent job of building partnerships between retailers and their counterparts in law enforcement and prosecution. Their efforts to solve pervasive problems with repeat offenders have proven extremely productive inside a vacuum where nothing else works.”

Source: The Hall

About the Solution Provider Partner Category (from LPM):

Sometimes, just having a great product is not enough.  After all, what good is the product if there is not a strong partner to help you roll it out and be responsive to your needs for support?  The best solution provider partners do not just understand their ROI, they know how to partner with you to help you communicate this to the business and they are there to support you, your team, and your company, should any need arise. The Solution Provider – Partner category is intended to recognize outstanding performance by a specific individual and/or an organization.    To be eligible for nomination, the Solution Provider must currently be or have been, in the role for which they are being nominated, for some or all of the calendar year of nomination. Solution Provider – Partner nominations must be submitted by a retail client with first-hand knowledge of their contributions and performance.

Source: The Hall

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