Why ALTO is The Last Mile of Retail Asset Protection
May 30, 2024
Miranda Reyes

The needs of retail safety and asset protection are in a constant state of ebb and flow. A static, one-size-fits-all strategy is rendered inadequate to address the complex challenges faced by retailers today; this dynamic instead demands a flexible and multifaceted approach. Tools like surveillance cameras and alarm systems represent only the initial steps in a comprehensive AP plan. The true linchpin of an effective strategy lies in asset protection’s last mile — where preventative technologies, incident data and investigations converge into actionable plans that yield results. This final mile is where ALTO steps in as the game-changer for retail asset protection.

Understanding the Last Mile of Asset Protection

The last mile in asset protection refers to the critical stage where preventative measures and data-driven insights become actionable strategies. This stage is essential for a robust asset protection strategy that not only prevents losses but protects store teams and patrons. Here’s why the last mile is so crucial:

Integration of Technologies and Data: The last mile seamlessly integrates surveillance systems, alarm responses and incident data to ensure that all aspects of an asset protection  strategy work in tandem as a comprehensive solution.

Actionable Insights: Incident data and case building are meaningless without action. The last mile turns the data into actionable plans that deter future incidents and mitigate ongoing risks.

Addressing retail crime and safety in collaboration: Effective retail asset protection requires partnerships between private and public entities that carry out coordinated and strategic approaches to retail crime mitigation, thereby creating safer stores and communities.

Communication of actions taken through deterrence: While incident report data is always followed by an action and a consequence, another vital component of the last mile of asset protection is signage that serves as a deterrent, letting offenders know that disruptions are not tolerated and will result in accountability.

How ALTO is the Last Mile of Retail Asset Protection

ALTO serves as the last mile of asset protection, supporting retailers by enforcing that those who compromise the safety of their stores, teams and communities are held accountable.

Data-driven decision making: Using in-store incident report data, ALTO’s tech-enabled teams analyze patterns and collect evidence to build thorough cases. In 2023, our nationwide teams collected evidence over 16,500 times to assist law enforcement and prosecutors with case building.

Local key partnerships: ALTO fosters partnerships with community stakeholders such as law enforcement, prosecutors and local authorities to ensure efficient communication and collaboration, turning data collection into community strategies and action plans. Currently, ALTO partners with over 700 law enforcement agencies and works with over 500 jurisdictions across the US.

In-house legal experts and victim advocacy: ALTO’s local legal teams advocate for our retail partners in court, delivering accountability for disruptions to the safety of retail stores and business establishments. Last year, ALTO’s in-house experts worked on over 11,000 cases that began as incident reports from ALTO Alliance retailers. Notably, 92% of ALTO-supported retail crime cases resolved in a favorable outcome in court.

The ALTO decal: The ALTO decal serves as a deterrent to potential offenders, signaling that the store is well-protected and not an easy target, and that any criminal behavior will result in consequences. The ALTO logo sends a clear message: disruptions will not be tolerated, and action will be taken to ensure the store’s safety.

The Benefits of Implementing ALTO Into Your Asset Protection Strategy

Implementing ALTO’s last-mile asset protection strategy offers numerous advantages for retailers, including:

A one-size strategy for retail asset protection is insufficient. The last mile of asset protection is where the results are yielded, turning preventive technologies and data into action. ALTO provides retailers with the tools, insight and support needed to safeguard assets, reduce losses and enhance your in-store safety. Learn how to integrate ALTO into your asset protection strategy to protect your business and empower your community.