Anaheim police, community bond over carne asada tacos

The smell of fresh carne asada, tortillas, cilantro, and lime permeated the air at Northgate Market on South Euclid Street the afternoon of Thursday, April 11.

At the market, local residents and shoppers were joined by Anaheim Police Department personnel to enjoy some tasty tacos and quality conversation during the Carne Asada with a Cop event.

This particular Carne Asada with a Cop was set up by ALTO Alliance with support from the Anaheim Police Department.

When crimes are committed inside the market, ALTO represents the North Gate and other retailers during prosecution.

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We’re In It Together

Retail stores are not independent of the communities that they exist in. They are part of an ecosystem with many factors that affect customers, employees, and sales. Loss prevention tries to stay up to date with what is happening in the store’s ecosystem by using the newest technology. But even this isn’t enough because we don’t know exactly what is happening out there. There is a disconnect between retail stores and their communities, we just can’t see it all.

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