How detailed reporting can lead to successful prosecutions
July 7, 2021
Constanza Trebilcock

Experience tells us that having a detailed understanding of all basic elements for successful prosecutions can be vital in apprehending repeat offenders. The more detailed and thorough your reports are, the better chance you have at identifying those who commit crimes against you or others. To ensure success with these types of cases, we recommend including the following items:

Date and time of the offense:

When investigators are looking for video footage, having a precise date and time of an offense will assist in getting them the correct footage they need. Repeat offenders who commit the same crime at certain times may also show patterns that can lead to an arrest.

Pre-tax dollar amount stolen:

Reporting the stolen property will allow you to make a request for restitution and initiate possible felony charges.

Physical Characteristics of offender:

Reporting someone’s physical characteristics can help law enforcement identify them when they commit more than one crime.

How the offender committed the offense:

The more similar instances of crime, the easier it is to link them to the same criminal.

Method of transportation used:

If a vehicle is used, the description and license plate can be used to link the offender to multiple incidents and identify the offender

Police incident report number:

Police report incident numbers can be used to leverage police and prosecutors for more serious charges when multiple events can be tied to the same offender if the incidents are documented by the police.

Witness information:

Despite the availability of video evidence, live witnesses are still needed in order to identify an offender. Documenting who observed the offense is key in order for a successful prosecution.

Any other information:

Store employees should take note of any information that seems suspicious, which can help catch repeat offenders.

If you have any questions, please consult ALTO’s team of Customer Success Specialists, Attorneys, and experts to identify how best to document each offense within your organization’s security plan.