Law Enforcement Expert Robert Rosin Joins ALTO as Senior Consultant
April 12, 2024
Miranda Reyes

ALTO is proud to welcome Robert Rosin, esteemed expert in law enforcement, to our team in the role of Law Enforcement Consultant.

With a distinguished background in public safety operations and police reform practices, Rosin’s appointment is set to enhance our law enforcement partnerships across the country, coinciding with our commitment to mitigating retail crime and strengthening collaborations with public and private sectors to create safer communities nationwide. His expertise is expected to offer profound insights into the needs of law enforcement in combating retail crime.

“As I step into my new role at ALTO, I’m eager to leverage my past experiences to reinforce our commitment to mitigating retail crime and enhancing partnerships with public and private sectors,” said Rosin.

With his comprehensive experience at Oakland PD since 2005, including taking command of the department’s Robbery section and the Special Resources section, Rosin brings practical knowledge and strategies for reducing crime and fostering public trust. His proven success in improving public safety responses and managing high-crime rates with intelligence-led policing principles aligns with ALTO’s goal to reduce retail safety disruptions and ensure accountability for offenders.

“As former Oakland PD Captain, I witnessed firsthand the positive impact ALTO creates by bridging the gap between law enforcement, retailers and the public,” Rosin adds. “Together, we’ll build safer communities nationwide. I’m excited to navigate complexities and drive ALTO’s mission forward with this amazing team.”

ALTO is transforming retail asset protection across 26 states and 37 metropolitan areas. In 2023, ALTO’s impact was magnified through partnerships with over 1,300 law enforcement agencies across more than 500 jurisdictions.

Rosin’s involvement will significantly enhance ALTO’s innovative approaches in asset protection, incident mitigation, and holding disruptors accountable. By improving community relations and promoting collaboration between retailers and law enforcement, Rosin’s contribution is pivotal in building a foundation for safer communities.

ALTO: The Last Mile of Asset Protection Strategies

By meticulously analyzing incident data and recidivist patterns, we ensure swift consequences for those who compromise retail safety. This allows both in-store and corporate teams to focus on their primary tasks with renewed morale, knowing that ALTO is protecting their assets and yielding measurable results.

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